2015-07-26_0006It was a long 2 years for Madison and I. My hubs and her daddy took on a task that not many men and women can complete while working a very demanding job as well as caring for a family. Kevin set out to get his MBA when Madison was just a little bambino. At the time life seemed grand, she was developing well, my business was doing well and Kevin wanted to pursue a new chapter in his life so I of course supported him and said go for it. Little did I know it would take him away from his family as much as it did. I’m being candid for all the other moms and dads out there thinking of taking on this very hard and rewarding task. As a mom I felt alone a lot because I had to let Kevin study, work on homework, go to class. Yes, he did the classes online and he was present in my home but he wasn’t present in my home if you know what I mean. It was hard. Just plain hard. It was hard because we missed him. We wished he could be with us more and we wished he could be more int he moment with us. BUT…..

With all that said I can’t express how proud I am of him. It was hard for me, yes, however we can’t forget how hard it was on him too. From his perspective he was working his tail off to keep his GPA up and graduate with honors (he did it!!!). AND he was missing out on some super fun stuff with his littlest buddy, Madison. It hurt him too. He’s done now and life is now the new normal. We learned a lot about each other in the last 2 years. A lot about parenting and marriage when things aren’t picture perfect. I like to say we survived because WE all did. Madison now spends a tremendous amount of time with her daddy, and loves him dearly. The great news is she won’t remember the time he was studying. All she’ll come to know is that her daddy is a smart, successful, and wonderful father. She’ll know he worked hard to get where he is in his career.  He is a fantastic role model for her as she grows and becomes a young lady. Showing her proof that if you put your mind to something you can succeed with hard work and determination. She may need to slam a few books or throw a computer or two 😉 but she can get there.
Congratulations to my husband and Madison’s Daddy, for graduating with an MBA fro Temple University!!! He added a little red to his blue and white. Red, White, and Blue the colors of freedom and success! Nice job babe!!! We love you. We survived. 2015-07-26_00012015-07-26_00022015-07-26_00032015-07-26_00042015-07-26_00052015-07-26_00072015-07-26_00082015-07-26_00092015-07-26_00102015-07-26_00112015-07-26_00122015-07-26_00132015-07-26_00142015-07-26_00152015-07-26_00162015-07-26_00172015-07-26_00182015-07-26_00192015-07-26_00202015-07-26_00212015-07-26_00222015-07-26_00232015-07-26_00242015-07-26_00252015-07-26_0026